Friday, April 29, 2011

snapshots of españa.

my first few days in spain have been pretty incredible.
i'm already very much in love with this place... still can't really believe i live here!
so far, i've explored our little city of alcalá de henares, eaten a fair amount of european ice cream and chocolate, attempted to do pilates in my tiny european bedroom (yep, i've got some bruises from that), toured the prado for the first time, siesta'd mucho, played soccer con los niños in the streets, danced with the spaniards, and oh yeah, gone to school for a sec.
life is good here.
this town feels a little bit like a fairytale. it reminds me of fussen, except it's a little bit larger and there aren't any alps... or cowbells... or castles.
i digress. there is a distinct small-town feel that i love, yet there are still a fair amount of people here, and it's close enough to madrid to get that metropolitan vibe.
plus, we found out tonight that all of the guapos are from alcalá. this must be the case if we're studying there... (joke).

if i don't die from overconsumption of olive oil, i am thinking i might never want to leave this place. come visit me, won't you?

post script: sorry for the overload of images.
nikita's a little bit obsessed with españa.
and you better believe this is just the beginning...

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Jen Kerr said...

ahhhh! these pictures are making me homesick for espana!