Wednesday, August 14, 2013

the adventure continues!

the world is one big place, and life is just one big adventure. 

photo courtesy of michael curry. la mancha, spain, 2011.

you all know by now how crazy i am for adventure, 
so i thought i'd fill you in on a little secret...

although i had incredibly exciting plans set {i.e.: grad school at johns hopkins starting in sept},
i was offered a 1/2 tuition merit scholarship last week if i wait to start my program in may, which will actually still allow me to graduate with my masters at the same time.
this isn't only a huge financial blessing {and a chance to plan a dream wedding and go get hitched!}, it also means that...

i have nine more months to work at my other job that i love so dearly!

that's right, folks.
nine more months of portraits, wedding photos, events, + travel. and a lot more free time to dedicate to this little blog! i've got lots of new things in the works, so hang tight! after devoting 2013 in it's entirety so far to volunteering around the world, exploring foreign lands, and shooting weddings all across the states, i've got quite a few gems lined up for you guys:

-the official launch of my "calendars for a cause" line... just in time for the holidays + start of 2013! {the perfect thing if you like being on time to appointments, beautiful photographs, and donating to a good cause!}
-a new photography blog {i know, i know... finally!}
-my engagement story {in chile!} via video
-new/improved/awesome travel tips
-lots of more gluten-free eats abroad and international images/stories {a.k.a. eye candy}
-collaboration, inspiration, and loads of happiness

so, who wants to come along for the ride?

keep up with me via this little blog OR send me to your neck of the woods for some lovely portraits! i love to travel {and have figured out how to do it cheaply!}, so if you want me to photograph an event or even a few portraits {three sittings in one general location in one week makes it worth it for me!}, feel free to send a little inquiry my way!:

 i absolutely cannot wait to see what the rest of this year has in store... and am so grateful for the opportunities i've been given!
bring it on, the rest of 2013. can't wait to meet ya.


Nat said...

Have you ever thought of coming to Argentina? There are some pretty neat places to take photos of!

Devaun said...

Hey who's that hottie in the background...